Green Mound Juniper Bonsai

The cypress family of trees contains the juniper genus that can further be differentiated into up to 70 species. Generally, they are all known for their evergreen leaves and coniferous trees or shrubs, which allow them to be perfect for bonsai purposes. Among them, the Japanese Shimpaku, the Japanese needle juniper and the common juniper stand out as favorites among growers. There is however, another contender for the best juniper bonsai: the Green Mound Juniper bonsai.

Like all juniper bonsai, the Green Mound is a hardy conifer and responds really well towards pruning and training. This quality is one of the reasons why this tree is said to be easy to care for beginners, yet is able to be turned into a wonderful piece of art. With the proper caring instructions and some patience, your bonsai too can achieve that.

Caring tips

This hardy tree is suitable to be grown both indoors and outdoors, so choose which you would like better. You should not have to worry about bringing it indoor during winter, as long as the temperature does not drop below 59 degrees C. Growing it outdoor however, means that you would need to prepare adequate protection for the root ball from possible frost. It would also be wise to recreate a cooler environment indoor during winter, to allow the tree a winter rest-period, which is good for its health.

If you choose to care for your Green Mound indoor, note that there are some specific light requirements that must be adhered to. Allow your juniper bonsai to get low intensity sunlight in the morning, and avoid direct sunlight in the afternoon. Your tree would appreciate lots of bright light, as it needs at least four hours of direct sunlight in one day. If it’s outdoor, then the best solution is a filtered or shaded sunlight.